envi2Environmental Impact Assessments

MW's intention is to ensure that it retains its impeccable record as an environmentally responsible organisation. The organisation is able to do thorough proactive environmental assessments and appropriate responses to these assessments.

Basic Assessments and Environmental Scoping in line with the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) requirements of the National Environmental Management Act (No. 107 of 1998) are conducted for all relevant projects that trigger the listed activities.  Environmental Management Plans are developed for all projects, irrespective of whether they require and EIA or not, to detail potential environmental risks, ensuring mitigation measures are put in place with roles and responsibilities assigned to them. Projects involving a change of land use, pipeline and road construction, construction or upgrading of infrastructure and storage/ handling of hazardous substances are amongst a number of listed activities that are required to fulfil the requirement of the EIA Regulations. Mhlathuze Water outsources these services to independent and external service providers as required by law.

MW also applies for Water Use Licenses (WUL) in line with regulations as per the National Water Act (No. 36 of 1998) for some of the projects. Examples of projects that require such authorisation are activities where water is abstracted from the river, diverting/ impeding water flow; and or any activity that occurs in the vicinity or within a watercourse or water body.


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