Bulk Water Services

Mhlathuze Water manages raw water sources, design, optimise, install, extend, operate, and maintain the required infrastructure to meet the bulk water services requirements and related services to customers. The utility has raw water pumping stations where raw water from the rivers, lakes and dams  is pumped to the contracted consumers at required volumes. The raw water to the Nsezi Treatment Works (NTW) is selected between the Mhlathuze River and Lake Nsezi based on the raw water quality of the two sources. The WTW water purification process consists of the following process stages:

  • Pre-chlorination – Chlorine gas is injected to the raw water for disinfection purposes.
  • Clarification – Suspended solids are mechanically removed from the water as sludge after the addition coagulants.
  • Flocculation – A flocculant is further  dosed and water is mixed and different rates to flocculate the remaining suspended solids in the clarified water.
  • Floatation – Water is injected with air saturated water in order to stimulate the floatation of the suspended solids which are then removed from the top surface of the dissolved floatation air units (DAF).
  • Filtration – Final water is filtered through rapid gravity sand filters.
  • Post-chlorination - Chlorine gas is injected to the purified water for final disinfection.

In-process water samples at all the process stages are analysed everyday.



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