Bulk Water Disposal

Mhlathuze Water owns and operates the biggest offshore wastewater disposal system in South Africa. Two pipelines extending four and five kilometres out to sea transfer wastewater from the industries in Richards Bay and its environs, sludge removed during the treatment process at the Nsezi Water Treatment Plant and macerated sewage from the uMhlathuze Municipality.

The main wastewater disposal licence issued to Mhlathuze Water by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry in November 2002, makes Mhlathuze Water accountable to the department for quality and quantity standards.

Agreements have been signed with all the organisation’s customers who contribute bulk wastewater for disposal through the offshore pipeline. The wastewater agreements are subjected to conditions relating to quality, sampling and monitoring which are imposed on Mhlathuze Water by the Department of Water Affairs. Strict controls are exercised to ensure that contributors do not transgress these conditions.

Off shore monitoring of the pipeline has been done since 1984 by an external research institution CSIR and the latest report (No. 21) indicated that there has been no severe impact on the offshore environment. Mhlathuze Water is well established and prepared to meet its commitments to water supply and disposal of waste water to meet the future demands of the area.


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Physical: Corner South Central Arterial and Battery Bank.
Alton Industrial Area. Richards Bay.

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